Staff Voices

Staff Voices

The best way to find out what it's like to work at camp is to ask the staff themselves! Below are some rockstar staff that are proud to be apart of the ever-growing English Adventure family!

English Adventure team members come from many walks of life, but what joins us together is our love of nature and the opportunity to work with children as they grow.

Brent (USA) – Camp Manager/ Team Leader

Staff "Most if the year I teach in an Elementary school, but I keep coming back to English Adventure because it offers another perspective on working with young people. Away from the classroom the kids in are more at home. Also, at camp we get to use English in a realistic way as we encourage our campers to enjoy the natural world, something most of them can't do in their urban environments. But what really keeps me coming back to EA is the staff. Something about camp allows staff to form strong bonds and EA attracts so many awesome people from around the world. By the end of one summer, you've made friends for life."

Maki (Japan) – Team Leader/ Support Staff

Staff "I had an amazing experience working at EA. I learned and received training in how to teach English to kids. If you are thinking about becoming a teacher it would be good experience. I really like kids and I want to work with kids in my future so I think this experience helped me a lot. Also I could make awesome work friends and had an awesome boss called Mike. So you will have a good time and make good friends."

Guzal (Uzbekestan) – Team Leader

Staff "EA creates working environment when you feel you are not just an employee hired to do certain tasks, but you are part of a team whose aim is to create fun outdoor camps for children and enjoy them together with children. My favorite thing about EA is that you feel heard and cared about, because they know that happy staff makes happy campers. There are also many chances given to grow and develop your own skills, as you get many opportunities to receive feedback from managers and other staff, discuss what is something you are not confident about and how you can improve that. There are also many chances to step up and try yourself in different roles. I think this friendly and supporting environment is a good place to make life-long connections with people from various backgrounds and culture. From my own experience, I've made so many good friends at camp and we often keep in touch and get together long after camp is over (and very often, we can't stop talking about camp :) )."

Lynn (Japan) – Team Leader

Staff "The two summers I spent with English Adventure were unforgettable. As a team leader, I was able to spend time with many campers and get to know them. Even in 5 short days, I was able to bond with the campers and learn about their lives. I learned that many of the campers spend the majority of their time doing academic activities inside during the school year, so it was incredible watching them have fun doing outdoor activities. Saying goodbye to the campers at the end of the session was always difficult, but hearing them say that they wanted to come again made the hard work worth it. Working with English Adventure requires a lot of patience and time management skills, but your hard work is thanked with big smiles from the campers."