100% English, 100% of the time!

We are hitting the slopes for four days of ski in the beautiful winter landscape of Tsunan, Niigata. And that's just the beginning! Not a typical ski tour, English Adventure Ski Camp is a complete experience with all of the fun activities and camp traditions that we’re famous for.

Our kitchen serves up an international menu of delicious, nutritious food to give campers the energy they need. And of course, Immersion campers and staff speak 100% English, 100% of the time, with no Japanese allowed. It's like a winter vacation overseas—without the plane ticket!

Here's what is going to make this year's ski camp the best yet:

1. 100% English all the time
Even during ski lessons, Immersion Campers will not speak or be spoken to in Japanese. All of our instructors are English speakers, so even technical skiing points will be conveyed in English.

2. Four days of skiing
For four whole days your child will have a chance to try, learn and grow their skiing ability. For more experienced skiers, your child will be able to hone their skills and test their limits!

3. Ski in / Ski out location
English Adventure’s private lodge is located right next to our gorgeous ski hill. Our site is ski in / ski out so your child can enjoy winter fun from the time they arrive to the time they get back on the bus!

4. Large and private ski hill
Our lodge and ski slope is privately run by English Adventure. That means that we control who is using our lifts and runs, and campers don’t have to worry about crowded slopes or long lift lines, so campers will learn to ski in a controlled, safe environment. Our large private ski hill will allow for your child to enjoy skiing regardless of ability level!

5. Skill-dependent lessons
We separate lessons depending on your child’s skiing ability. For example, beginner lessons will start with how to put on ski boots and use equipment. More experienced skiers will be able learn various skills to better their skiing ability. We separate skill into four ski levels:

[New to skiing]For Campers who have never skied before! We will teach all the basics, from putting on boots and using ski lifts to safely making their way down the hill while being guided by their instructor.

[Beginner]This level is for children who have been skiing before, but are not comfortable skiing alone. They should be capable of riding a ski lift by themselves, and know roughly how to turn and stop on skis.

[Intermediate]This level is for children who have been skiing enough to be able to confidently make their way down the hill on their own. They can stop with their skis parallel to each other, and have full control of their movement up to a certain speed.

[Advanced]This level is for children who have skied many times. They have full confidence skiing on advanced ski courses.

Click here for details about the ski lessons.


Outside of skiing, your child can enjoy various winter activities as well as other traditional camp activities. Activities may include:

・Snow Play
・Night Sledding
・Dance Party
・Campfire&marshmallow roasting
*Activities subject to change due to weather and other factors.


場所 マウンテンパーク津南
集合 【東京】貸切バスで移動
新宿西口都庁大型バス専用駐車場 (予定)
8:30 - 9:00am

JR名古屋駅構内 7:30am頃

JR新大阪駅構内 6:30am頃

12:00pm - 13:30pm頃

解散 【東京】貸切バスで移動
新宿西口都庁大型バス専用駐車場 (予定)
6:30 - 8:00pm
JR名古屋駅構内 6:00 - 7:00pm

JR新大阪駅構内 7:20 - 8:20pm

12:30pm -13:30pm頃

参加者 小学校1年生 〜 中学校3年生

最少催行人数:20人 ※催行人数に達しない場合は、プログラムが中止となる場合がございます。予めご了承ください。
セッション価格 ¥89,500 から
オプション名古屋駅での集合・解散 ¥15,000
新大阪駅での集合・解散(往復) ¥30,000
キャンプ場(新潟)での現地集合 ¥0
キャンプ場(新潟)での現地解散 ¥0
キャンプ場での現地集合・解散(往復) ¥-6,000
スキーセットレンタル ¥6,000
スキーウェアレンタル ¥4,000
ヘルメット持参 ¥-500




キャンプのお申込みをキャンセルされる場合は、下記フォームより、キャンセルリクエストをお送りください。 間違いを防ぐため、電話でのご連絡はご遠慮いただくよう、ご理解とご協力をお願いいたします。

主催 パノラマ合同会社
営業所 パノラマ合同会社東京事務所
旅行業務取扱管理者:小関 清
企画・運営 有限会社イングリッシュアドベンチャー