General Staff FAQ

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I see that EA accepts both domestic and overseas applicants. How do I know which situation applies to me?

A: Anyone that has or will have a visa to Japan with work authorization for the duration of their employment with EA should apply as a domestic applicant. This includes working holiday visas and most student/dependent visas.

If you can only obtain a tourist visa, we are happy to consider your application under our program for overseas volunteers.

English Adventure does not provide any assistance or sponsorship in obtaining any type of Japanese visas.

I can only work for a few camp sessions. Can I still apply?

A: Unfortunately, we can only accept applications from people who are available for all camp and training dates for our upcoming camps.

What are accommodations like at camp?

A: Staff sleep in shared rooms of anywhere from 4-10 people. You should expect to be sharing sleeping quarters with a group of campers and be responsible for supervising them as well. Our rooms are a mixture of Western and Japanese-style.

What is the food like at camp?

A: Great, actually! We plan our menus carefully and on a rotation, so you will not be eating the same thing the whole summer. Breakfasts do stay a bit more similar from day to day, and offer a variety of cereal, yogurt, eggs, fruit, and breakfast-y meat like bacon or sausage.

We are happy to be cooking all of our meals in-house! We have learned from experience how important food is for our staff to be at their best, so we make a serious effort to serve everybody a variety of delicious and healthy meals.

Can EA provide food that meets my dietary requirements?

A: Depending on your dietary requirements we do provide alternative meals. We do provide yummy food for vegetarians. Vegans may have a tougher time. We cannot guarantee the availability of vegan-specific meal options throughout camp. However we have had previous staff maintain vegan diets for the entire camp season.

Religious dietary restrictions are a bit tougher and we cannot make any particular accommodations. Depending on your particular situation, however, the vegetarian option should satisfy most religious dietary restrictions.

As for allergies, we are able to accommodate most of the common ones! We provide a list of allergens prior to each meal, so you will know which dishes to avoid.

If you have any concerns about your own dietary requirements, please contact us here.

What are bathing facilities like at camp?

A: Our facilities are Japanese style, with several shower stations arranged around a large communal bath. Japanese baths don't allow swimwear, and it is not possible to arrange private bathing time. In short, you will be naked in front of other staff members (of the same sex, of course!) The bath tends to be a place where people unwind with other staff members after a long day.

Where do camp staff meet and disperse before and after camp?

A: On the first day of each camp session, staff will meet near Shinjuku Station around 7:00am, and will return to the same location around 6:00pm on the last day of each session.

A small number of staff may have the option of staying behind at camp in between sessions and experiencing all that our beautiful camp sites have to offer on their own time. Please note that while we cannot guarantee that everybody who wants to will be allowed to stay behind, we will do our best to honour everybody's preferences.

What kind of equipment will I need for camp?

A: For Ski Camp, we recommend bringing your standard snow wear: snow pants, winter jackets, hats, gloves and of course snow boots! While the lodge will be heated, we recommend bringing warmer indoor clothes as it does get quite cold at night. We will provide successful applicants with a full packing list detailing what exactly to bring. For summer camp, we recommend bringing raincoat and water shoes. Wristwatches are a must for all camps. Staff are not allowed to look at their phones to check time.

Can I do laundry at camp?

A: Almost all staff will be returning to Tokyo between sessions, and we ask them to take care of their own laundry there.

For staff who remain behind at camp between sessions, they will be able to do their laundry on-site.

All of our camps have 100% no smoking policy

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