Allergy Management

Allergy Policies and Practices

In order to provide a healthy and fun experience to all campers, including those with allergies, it is critical that you read and understand the following policies and practices.
Our kitchen and camp staff have extensive experience supporting children with even severe allergies. Nonetheless, with the child’s health our primary concern, we may be unable to accept registrations from children with extremely severe allergies or a very wide range of allergies. Please contact customer service with any questions or concerns.

Complete and Timely Information is Essential

Upon registration, parents must provide clear and complete information about any allergies their children have. Parents must make any updates or changes to allergy information by two weeks prior to the start of the camp season, at the latest. To ensure timely and accurate communication to our camp and kitchen staff, English Adventure cannot accept any updates or changes to camper allergy information after this deadline.

Campers with EpiPens

Campers who have been prescribed an EpiPen must bring two EpiPens to camp. Campers who fail to bring a second EpiPen will not be allowed to check in for camp. In that case, parents may transport their child to camp after obtaining a second EpiPen, or cancel their camp registration. Regular cancellation fees will apply.

Why are two EpiPens mandatory?
Due to the location of our campsite, ambulance arrival times and access to advanced medical care may be significantly delayed compared to urban settings. The English Adventure camp lodge is approximately 15 minutes drive from the nearest hospital. Additional time may pass if a camper requires care while on a hiking course or elsewhere at camp. Up to 20% of anaphylaxis victims require a second dose of epinephrine due to ongoing symptoms. Access to a second dose of epinephrine may be a matter of life or death in the camp setting where advanced care is delayed.


In the event of an allergic reaction at camp, we will assess and treat the camper according to our medical protocols. If we cannot contact the child’s parents or guardian, we will authorize medical treatment including medications, surgery (including anesthesia) and hospitalization. The camper’s family is responsible for all medical costs not covered by health insurance or the domestic travel insurance provided to each camper.

Food Allergies – What We Can Do

1. All camp and kitchen staff receive thorough training regarding prevention and treatment of allergic reactions.
2. All camp and kitchen staff receive all allergy information provided by parents.
3. If a camper has an extremely severe food allergy, we may choose to completely eliminate one or more ingredients from camp for that camper’s session.
4. EA clearly displays allergy information for all dishes served at each meal.
5. Allergy information is printed on camper nametags, and staff support campers in selecting safe foods.
6. Based on the information that parents provide, EA prepares ample nutritious and satisfying food for all campers with allergies.
7. EA maintains a “peanut aware” campsite. We avoid all foods and ingredients containing peanuts, and request that all campers and staff refrain from bringing those foods and ingredients to camp.

What is “peanut aware?”
An increasing number of camps and schools in North America use the term “peanut aware” rather than “peanut free.” While we make every effort to completely eliminate peanuts at camp, we wish to avoid a false sense of security regarding the potential for unintentional exposure. Camp staff must remain vigilant for the signs of an allergic reaction, and be prepared to treat a reaction as needed.

Food Allergies – What We Cannot Do

1. Our kitchen cannot provide menus in advance as we primarily use the freshest locally sourced ingredients, which vary from week to week.
2. We cannot allow parents to send special foods for their campers, in order to maintain control over what foods are at camp.

Non-food Allergies

EA staff will be aware of all non-food allergies and take proper precautions. If a non-food related allergy requires a mask, inhaler, or other medication, please prepare these yourself and inform us before camp.

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