English Immersion Program

100% English—Believe It!

The Immersion program is designed for children who already speak English at a high level of fluency. We maintain a very strict English-only policy, while making it fun and natural to speak English during camp, 24 hours a day. For Japanese returnees, bicultural children, and native English speakers, there’s no better way to enjoy a genuine North American camp experience—without the expensive plane ticket!

We're often asked, "Do campers really speak English all the time?" The fact is, kids love the all-English environment. With encouragement from camp staff, even kids who have forgotten some of their English soon gain the confidence to speak up and be heard. Of course, bilingual staff are always nearby to support in an pinch.

We've tried other so-called English camps, but typically there is a lot of Japanese. English Adventure's Immersion program is the real thing. After just 5 days, our son was speaking English smoothly again. Very impressive!”
—S.K., Kanagawa

Genuine, Friendly International Culture

Returnee kids who have spent a long time living abroad can find it hard to fit in at an all-Japanese school. At English Adventure, kids can just be themselves. Many parents tell us their children love the open, international camp atmosphere.

“We're so happy we found this English immersion camp program! Our daughter went to camp by herself, but soon made new friends. What a wonderful experience, and something that we wouldn't be able to do as a family. Thank you! ”
—H.Y., Tokyo

English Adventure camp staff come from all over the world and together create a unique international culture. Campers experience this amazing diversity firsthand, gaining a deeper awareness of the greater world outside of Japan. Every day, campers interact with staff and learn how to respect and value their differences.

Real American Summer Camp, in Japan

American summer camp is about kids learning for themselves, trying new things, and becoming more independent. English Adventure's age-specific program design ensures that each camper gets the right level of excitement and fun. Camp staff are there to support campers as they take on new challenges and grow into leadership roles.

From outdoor activities they get things that they can’t learn at school. No dull moments according to them, it was all fun. We're looking forward to joining Summer Camp again this year!
—M.S., Tokyo

For repeaters, coming back to camp means reconnecting with camp friends and building on shared experiences. Making memories to last a lifetime is one of the key reasons parents choose to send their campers to English Adventure year after year.

100% English Environment

We know that the 100% English environment of our Immersion Program is one of the reasons parents and campers choose English Adventure. We strictly require Immersion Program campers to speak ONLY English, throughout their time at camp. Before camp, please assist us by discussing our English Policy with your child, and express your expectations for him or her.

We take great pains to separate our Immersion and Challenge campers to ensure that campers in the Immersion Program hear as close to 0 Japanese as possible. When one child speaks Japanese, it’s more likely that other children will do the same. So if a child does not follow our all-English policy, we take it very seriously. We will take the following steps:

1) We will remind the child that our camp is 100% English, and ask him or her to speak only English.

2) If the child continues to speak Japanese, we will call home so that the parents can remind the child of their expectations.

3) Should these reminders not change the camper’s behavior, we will take one of the following actions:
A. Switch the camper to our English Challenge Program (subject to availability)
B. Ask their parents to pick them up from the campsite and take the camper home.

We will not be able to provide a refund in either case.

While this policy may seem strict, we are confident that you want your child to get the most from their camp experience and from your financial investment, and so do the parents of the other children at camp.

Of course we understand that children may have forgotten some of their English, or may not know how to say something. In that case, we are happy to help. If they need to ask “how do I say りんご in English?” that much Japanese is acceptable at any time. If campers accidentally use a Japanese word and quickly correct themselves, like "いたい! I mean Ouch!", that is OK too.

We ask that Immersion Campers are able to understand enough English to make friends only using English, and able to understand safety instructions for games and activities. If we find that your child is speaking Japanese due to lack of English comprehension, or remaining silent due to lack of English ability, we will contact you and move them to the English Challenge Program (subject to availability).

To ensure that campers' health and wellbeing is taken care of, campers are also allowed to use Japanese when speaking with the camp nurse.

If your child cannot yet maintain a round the clock 100% English environment, but is currently registered for an English Immersion camp, please contact us. We will help you select an English Challenge camp session that will be far more meaningful, educational, and enjoyable for your child.

English Adventure's sister organization, NPO Mirai no Mori, creates life-changing outdoor experiences for abused, neglected, and orphaned Japanese children. Learn more about how you can help.