Leader in Training (LIT) Program

(For high school students)

Lead a new generation of happy campers!

The Leader in Training program is a new and extensive camp program which started in 2020. It combines the best parts of camp fun with a new level of responsibility and leadership, geared towards older campers. Over three camp sessions Leaders-in-Training will take part in camp activities, shadow camp staff, undergo extensive personal development, guidance and leadership training, and then graduate to deliver their own favorite activities or lead a team of younger campers. This is a unique opportunity for leaders of the future to test themselves under expert guidance, and to take an active role in building the camp of their dreams for the benefit of future generations.

At camp, kids of all ages have the opportunity to explore nature, make new friends, and challenge themselves to speak a second language on a daily basis. For staff, it is a privilege to be able to help create these smiling faces. People come from all over the world to work at English Adventure, bringing years of experience leading camps, classrooms, offices, and all sorts of different projects. They create a special community that others want to come back to over and over again. Now, we’re looking for high schoolers to bring their magic to our mountainside in Tsunan.

Everyone is born to fulfill a purpose. The world needs all types of people to help it work and progress. For years, kids sit in a classroom and listen to their teachers, hoping they can apply that knowledge in their future pursuits. When kids enter high school, they begin their transition into young adulthood. At English Adventure, we believe it’s time for our kids to stop sitting and start doing. The best things in life are learned when you are pushed out of your comfort zone. That’s why English Adventure is starting up a Leader-in-Training program.

Leaders in Training (LITs) will have the benefit of enjoying camp and living with other LITs, while also learning practical skills in a close-knit team-oriented environment that will serve them well beyond English Adventure. LITs will enjoy the light-hearted fun of being a camper, while simultaneously learning what it takes to be a Team Leader. They will have the opportunity to work with all camp staff in many areas of interest or expertise.

Not only will they practice their skills, LITs will learn how to teach their skills in a fun and effective way. Through teaching, LITs can develop a keen skill set while improving communication skills, organization, and leadership. The skills that LITs learn go far beyond camp and translate into all facets of life. They might appear to be camp-specific, however they’re actually very life-specific. LITs learn leadership skills, build character, gain confidence, master effective communication, and practice responsibility.

What does the LIT program look like?

A small group of high schoolers will come together at camp for three camp sessions to live, laugh, and grow. They will spend the first week building a strong, unified team, and learning what English Adventure is all about. They will take part in leadership workshops, plan cool activities for campers, and enjoy one another’s friendship. Soon afterwards, they will begin to work with staff from all areas of camp, and have opportunities to take on leadership roles with campers. Over the course of the summer, they will even take two fun field trips outside of camp (details will be announced on a later date). By the end of three sessions, these LITs will be some of each other’s closest friends. They will share unforgettable memories, develop their leadership skills, and grow into thoughtful young adults ready to take on the world.

What do LITs learn?

The LIT program seeks to help prepare young adults to be lifelong leaders. We believe there are four fundamentals of leadership: Creativity, Accountability, Reflection, and Empathy.

Creativity: Divergent thinking is a crucial component of leadership. Leaders devise theories in science and cure disease, they write music and works of literature, they listen to their communities and find ways to better them. LITs will learn to think outside the box in order to create projects that will have a positive impact on the world around them.

Advocacy: You can’t talk about leadership without discussing power. Everyone is born on a different playing field, decided by their culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ability, genetics, family connections… the list goes on and on. Leaders must help advocate for those whose voices don’t get heard. LITs will discover their relationship with power and privilege as it relates to leadership, and learn how to use their voices to empower others.

Reflection: Leaders cannot grow effectively unless they understand their strengths, their areas of growth, as well as their impact on others. LITs will learn how to evaluate each other, approach feedback with grace, and understand how their leadership style can best benefit a team.

Empathy: In addition to having a good head on their shoulders, leaders must possess an earnest heart. Leaders are most effective when they are able to find common ground. No person should criticize another until they have walked a mile in their shoes. LITs will learn how to step back, listen without judgment, and deeply connect with others.

Who is eligible?

  • Enrolled in high school at the start of the program (August 6, 2021).
  • Can participate in all-English program.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and willingness to learn.
  • Works well with others.
  • Ready to have the best summer ever.

How can I sign up?

LIT candidates will fill out an application on English Adventure's website and go through an interview process. Being an LIT is an honor that many teenagers are hoping to have, but we can only accept six boys and six girls into the program this summer. This experience looks great on a resume or any university application, but even more so, it provides a unique type of experiential education that is hard to find anywhere else. We are also looking to bring people on the team that could eventually become English Adventure staff. As a result, we need to recruit the best possible candidates for this program.


Session 1 - Training
Introduction, goal setting, general camp observation, reflection

The first session at camp will be devoted to training. LITs will think on their past summers at camp; observe camp from the perspective of camp leadership; and set goals for their time at camp. They will go through almost all of the same training modules that staff members at camp go through at the beginning of each summer. These sessions will include learning about camp procedures and best practices when working with campers. LITs will take part in different team building activities and leadership workshops to help get them connected with each other and ready to dive into the camp program. They will end every night with a team reflection and an individual check-in with the LIT Director.

Session 2 - Shadowing
In-depth observation, reflection

During the second session, LITs will have the opportunity to see how camp works behind-the-scenes and follow alongside Team Leaders, Activity Leaders, Kitchen Staff, Facility Staff, Managers, and Directors as they all perform the duties of their jobs. They'll be able to sit down and interview staff as they wish that will be compiled in their camp notebook. LITs will spend most of their time shadowing Team Leaders and Activity Leaders. LITs will watch as Activity Leaders run their activities over multiple age groups and language programs (LITs will pay particular attention to the difference between leading Challenge campers and Immersion campers). Under the supervision of an Activity Leader, LITs will design their two-hour activity program from start to finish during this week, and have a chance to practice and refine their ideas in preparation for leading the activity. In addition, LITs will choose at least one age group and shadow a residential Team Leader throughout their day, understanding how the Team Leader role differs from the Activity Leader role and how the two areas of camp blend together. In their nightly reflections and feedback sessions, LITs will consider the specifics of how an individual activity session is built and facilitated, all of the different components that go into a Team Leader's daily routine, and try to get an understanding of what camp looks like from "the other side.”

Session 3 - Leading
Leadership Practice and Facilitation

During their third and final session, LITs will get the chance to be an assistant team leader for one group of campers throughout the whole session. They will fulfill the duties of a normal Team Leader with the Team Leader always being present to support and coach the LIT. During this session LITs will also facilitate their prepared activity, with support from our activity leaders. These hands-on, genuine experiences will be the culmination of the LIT time at camp. Through active feedback and debrief sessions, LITs will consider their strengths and weaknesses as a leader and reflect critically on how their understanding of leadership changed over the course of their LIT experience.

LITs will be considered campers as far as supervision is concerned, so they will always report to one adult leader. However, they may spend portions of their day traveling between activities on their own or in individual reflection. Because they will be given more autonomy than the younger campers, we will expect them to sign a basic behavior contract and to treat their experience at camp respectfully.

Program Details

Schedule Immersion LIT
Grades: 10-12  8/6 – 8/18

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Accommodation Mountain Park Tsunan
Tsunan, Niigata
Meeting Point and Time Tokyo:
In front of Shinjuku Kogakuin University Campus
7:00 - 9:00am (Tentative)

JR Nagoya station 7:30am (Tentative)

JR Shin-Osaka station 6:30am (Tentative)

Campsite Drop off
12:00 -13:30pm (Tentative)

*Details will be emailed 2 weeks before camp
*Shin Osaka and Nagoya departures are only available for session 1, 3 and 5
Return Point and Time Tokyo:
In front of Shinjuku Kogakuin University Campus
6:30 - 8:00pm (Tentative)
* Due to Obon holidays, Session 4's arrival time will be greatly affected by traffic situations is likely to arrive later than other sessions.

JR Nagoya station 6:00 - 7:00pm (Tentative)

JR Shin-Osaka station 7:20 - 8:20pm (Tentative)

Campsite Drop off
12:30 - 13:30pm (Tentative)

*Details will be emailed 2 weeks before camp
*Shin Osaka and Nagoya returns are only available for session 1, 3 and 5
Open To Student enrolled in high school at the time of camp
Price From ¥299,900
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Included in ProgramAll-inclusive: round-trip chartered bus from Tokyo, lodging, meals, activity fees, tie-dye t-shirt, laundry service, domestic travel insurance and consumption tax.
OptionsNagoya Meetup and Dispersal ¥15,000
Osaka Meetup and Dispersal ¥30,000
Campsite Drop-off and Pick-up (Round Trip) ¥-6,000
Meals (3-night 4-day camps) 3 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners
(4-night 5-day camps) 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners
(8-night 9-day camps) 8 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 8 dinners
(12-night 13-day camps) 12 breakfasts, 13 lunches, 12 dinners
Bus Company Tokyo Yasaka Sightseeing Bus Co. Ltd., Nagoya Bus Co., Ltd., or a bus company with equivalent services
Tour Conductor None (English Adventure staff will accompany group from meeting point and back to return point)
Mimumum Number
of Participants
(4-night 5-day and 3-night 5-day camps) 90 per session and 4 per grade (2 per gender group)
(8-night 9-day camps) 4 per grade (2 per gender group) *Maximum participants: 16
(12-night 13-day camps) 4 per grade (2 per gender group) *Maximum participants: 16
Payment DetailsBy bank transfer. Payment details will be included in the confirmation mail we send after receiving your registration. All fees must be paid within 7 days of registration.
Registration closes on July 15th, 2021.
Regarding CancellationsCamp sessions are filled in the order we receive payment in full for registered campers.

Camp cancellation fees:
Cancellation 20 to 8 days prior to camp start date: 20% charge
Cancellation 7 to 2 days prior to camp start date: 30% charge
Cancellation 1 day prior to camp start date: 40% charge
Cancellation on the camp start date before check-in time: 50% charge
Cancellation without notice or after camp check-in time: 100% charge

All refunds will be made by bank transfer within 10 business days. Bank transfer fees will be deducted from the refund amount.

To cancel your camp registration, please send us a request via the link below, or contact customer support by email or telephone. We will confirm your cancellation by email.

Organizer Panorama GK Registered Travel Agent
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Nakauonuma-gun, Niigata
(License No. 2-7713, approved by the Governor of Tokyo)
Full Member of All Nippon Travel Agents Association
Operated by YK English Adventure

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