2024 Spring Camp launches soon

Spring Holiday Camp dates announced!

Registration opens on Thursday, February 15, noon on this website. Seats are limited, so please book yours soon!

English Adventure Spring Holiday Camp 2024

Dates: Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - Saturday, March 30, 2024 (4-night, 5-day)

Open to: Children in elementary 1st grade through middle school 3rd grade (grades as of camp dates)

English Challenge
English Immersion

Accommodation: Mountain Park Tsunan (Ko 1745-1, Kamigo-Ueda, Oaza, Tsunan, Nakauonuma-gun, Niigata)

Tour price: 129,930 yen

Included in price: Round-trip Shinkansen and chartered bus from Tokyo, lodging, meals, activity fees, domestic travel insurance, handling fee (5,000 yen per camper per session) and applicable consumption tax

* We will conduct skiing or other activities depending on the snow condition. We will inform participating families whether we will ski or not by a week before camp.
* Ski rentals (optional) will be fully refunded if the rentals are not used.
* Ski wear rentals (optional) may still be used if snow-related activities are scheduled.

Payment method: By credit card only

Transport: Please see below

Organizer: Panorama GK (Registered Travel Agent, License No. 2-430 approved by the Governor of Niigata)

New! Transportation Methods and Check-in/Check-out Locations

Starting this season, we are going to use Shinkansen for part of the journey. Please note that the Tokyo meeting point will change.

Check-in/check-out Locations:

- JR Tokyo Station (included in camp price)
Joetsu Shinkansen from Tokyo to Echigo Yuzawa Station > Chartered bus from Echigo Yuzawa Station to Mountain Park Tsunan

- JR Nagoya Station (optional fees will apply)
Express train from Nagoya Station to Nagano Station > Hokuriku Shinkansen from Nagano Station to Iiyama Station > Chartered bus from Iiyama Station to Mountain Park Tsunan

- JR Shin Osaka Station (optional fees will apply)
Tokaido Shinkansen from JR Shin Osaka Station to Nagoya Station > Express train from Nagoya Station to Nagano Station > Hokuriku Shinkansen from Nagano Station to Iiyama Station > Chartered bus from Iiyama Station to Mountain Park Tsunan

- Campsite check-in/out option also available

Meeting and Dispersal Times (Tentative):

- JR Tokyo Station: Check-in 7:00-7:45, Check-out 17:30-18:15

- JR Nagoya Station: Check-in 7:15-7:30, Check-out 18:15-18:30

- JR Shin Osaka Station: Check-in 6:15-6:30, Check-out 19:25-19:45

- Campsite: Check-in 11:00-11:30, Check-out 13:00-13:30


With English Adventure’s unique program, your child can test their body and mind and learn REAL English while experiencing the beautiful mountains of Niigata!

If we have enough snow, we will ski every day on our private slope right by our lodge. If we aren't able to ski due to insufficient snow, we will proceed with camp that will resemble our amazing summer program, including hiking (or snow shoeing), gaga, crafts and camp games. New friends and adventures are awaiting you!

Sibling discount and Campfriend discount are available. We look forward to skiing with Happy Campers, in the beautiful mountains of Tsunan!



Q. Can my kids ski this Spring Camp?

A. We are planning to ski during this Spring Camp. However, skiing is weather-dependent and the mountain needs a certain amount of snow for safe skiing to take place. If conditions permit, we'll absolutely hit the slopes! However, if Mother Nature doesn't provide enough snow for skiing, our camp will schedule will transition into an array of outdoor adventures and engaging activities. (Please refer to the question and answer below for examples of alternative activities.)

Q. When do we know if there will be skiing or not?

A. We will email parents 1 week before camp with an update. Will try our best to give an accruate prediction of our schedule based on the current conditions and the weather forecast. We would also like to mention that, there might be a chance we have to suspend skiing if the conditions change within the week before camp and day 1.


Q. Will you still run camp when campers cannot ski?

A. We will run camp whether or not we can ski! Our commitment to providing a memorable experience camp experience remain, with a robust lineup of outdoor activities planned to make the most of our time together. So whether we're carving through the snow or exploring the great outdoors through other means, rest assured, your child will have an unforgettable and enriching experience at our camp.

Q. What activities will you offer instead of skiing?

A. If skiing isn't possible, we have a range of exciting alternatives, such as:
Nature Scavenger Hunt: Explore nature and teamwork.
Electives: Choose from Gaga, rock climbing, Werewolf, and snow activities.
Winter Forest Games: Fun games in the snowy landscape.
Minute to Win It: Quick, amusing challenges.

And many more, the schedule will be filled each day with different team buidling, English, and outdoor activities.

Q. What about ski set / ski wear rental fees?

A. We will offer a full refund for the rentals that aren't used. Please note that even if we do not ski, your child might still need ski wear to play in the snow.


Q. Will campers have lunch during transportation?

A. On Day 1, campers who check in at Nagoya / Osaka will have lunch during their journey to campsite. (Campers who will check in at Tokyo and campsite will eat their lunch at campsite.) On Day 5, all campers will have their lunch at campsite.

Q. Who will accompany campers?

A. Campers will be accompanied by our dedicated staff, just as with our bus service. Each camper will be assigned a staff member to assist them at the station and throughout the journey. Our team of Managers and Directors will also be present to ensure the safety and well-being of the children, addressing any needs that may arise along the way.

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