English Challenge Plus Program (Only Available in Summer Camp)

Going Beyond the Classroom

This program is perfect for campers who are intermediate English speakers or who have studied English extensively, but aren’t yet ready for a 100% immersive English environment. Our Challenge Plus program is a big step up from our basic Challenge program.

English learners often struggle taking the English they’ve learned in the classroom out into the real world. Essential to taking that step is practicing with fluent speakers. Camp is a perfect place for campers to build English confidence by using words and phrases that they’ve learned in the classroom in everyday situations.

Camp life without relying on Japanese

In the Challenge Plus program, campers are encouraged to use as much English as possible throughout the day. Staff speak almost entirely in English to campers, and team leaders speak only English. If Japanese is needed, we have support staff to help. Japanese language support will be limited to translation, emergency/dangerous situations, and emotional support.

However, we do not entirely forbid Challenge Plus campers from using Japanese. We believe one of the most important aspects of camp is the relationships built between campers, and most Challenge Plus campers aren’t ready to make friends using only English.

New: The Challenge Plus Self Assessment Video.

Choosing the correct English level is critical for your child’s camp experience. Too easy, and they may be bored and unchallenged. Too hard, and they risk having an unsafe and discouraging camp. Challenge Plus is just right for campers who are already comfortable with communicating in English, but who are not yet at the near-native level required for our 100% English-only Immersion Program. To help you make the right choice, we have created the Challenge Plus Self Assessment Video. Please watch the video below with your child, and see if the Challenge Plus Program is right for your camper.

Or please click here to watch the video.

Here's detailed information to help determine which program best suits your camper’s English level.

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