Cancellations, Camp Session Change, Transportation Change, Waiting List


If you would like to cancel your camp order, please send a cancellation request via the Camp Cancellation Request Form link, below. Your cancellation date will be the date you submit this form.

We will refund your camp fee to the credit card you used at time of camp registration. Please note cancellation charges will be applied in accordance with following cancellation policy, and the refund will be made excluding the cancellation charges.

[English Summer Camp] Cancellation Request Form

【Cancellation Policy】

Cancellation 20 to 8 days prior to camp start date: 20% of camp fees
Cancellation 7 to 2 days prior to camp start date: 30% of camp fees
Cancellation 1 day prior to camp start date: 40% of camp fees
Cancellation on the camp start date before check-in time: 50% of camp fees
Cancellation without notice or after camp check-in time: 100% of camp fees
(Camp fees consist of registration fees and camp option fees.)

* Cancellations will be processed within 10 business days. The actual timing of refund to your credit card depends on your credit card company's policy.
* A handling fee of 5,000 yen per camper per session and Mirai no Mori donations will not be refundable.

Camp Session Change

If you would like to change sessions or dates on your camp order, please check space availability on the English Adventure website and create a new camp order if space is available. After you have completed a new registration, please contact us to cancel your previous registration via Camp Cancellation Request Form below.

The camp fee will be charged and refunded for each reservation. Please note cancellation charges will be applied if your session change falls within the cancellation policy. Also, a handling fee (5,000 yen per camper per session) and Mirai no Mori donations will not be refundable.

Exception: Customers may make one session change without a handling fee, within 24 hours of the first order. Donations to Mirai no Mori are non-refundable. Session changes made after this 24 hour window, and changes made via request to customer support, will incur the handling fee and Mirai no Mori donations.

[English Summer Camp] Cancellation Request Form

Transportation Change

If you would like to change your transportation, please contact Panorama GK Customer Service by email. Any change of the meetup and/or dispersal place is subject to availability.

The following additional fee or discount applies to the standard Tokyo transportation price for that camp session. Any transportation changes will be confirmed once the payment of additional costs is completed by your credit card.

【Transportation Fee】
Nagoya Meetup & Dispersal - 15,000 yen additional charge applied
Osaka Meetup & Dispersal - 30,000 yen additional charge applied
Campsite Drop-off and Pick-up - 6,000yen discount

* Even if Nagoya or Osaka transportation is used for only one-way, the full of additional charge will be required.
* If either Campsite Drop-off or Pick-up is used for only one-way, the discount will not be offered.

Waiting List

If you would like to be on the waiting list for a certain session, please send a request via the Waiting Request Form link, below.

Please be advised that registering on the waiting list does NOT guarantee a spot for your child. We highly recommend that you apply for another session with spots currently available.

Please carefully read the important notes in the Waiting Request Form before submitting.

[English Summer Camp] Waiting List Form

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