Our Mission

English Adventure nurtures kids’ physical, intellectual, and emotional development through activities that foster understanding and love of the natural world. In a spirit of fun and enjoyment, we plant the seeds for a new generation of global citizens and caretakers of the earth.

To truly love and care about something, we first have to know and understand it. English Adventure gives kids the chance to get to know nature and the outdoors, directly and up close. That’s the first step toward becoming caretakers of this precious world.

Kids also get to know themselves and others at English Adventure. Along with all the fun and laughter, camp often involves overcoming fears, resolving conflict, and accepting other viewpoints and abilities. Our caring expert staff are ready to help kids develop their self-confidence and sense of adventure, along with vital social skills, compassion and empathy for others.

Every time we head outdoors for another program, we’re as excited as the kids are about the fun we’re going to have. We’re also humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have an impact on kids’ lives, long after camp is a happy memory of childhood.

English Adventure's sister organization, NPO Mirai no Mori, creates life-changing outdoor experiences for abused, neglected, and orphaned Japanese children. Learn more about how you can help.