Age-Specific Program Design

Growing Together With Your Child

English Adventure understands that children’s needs and interests change as they grow. Our age-specific approach to camp design optimizes the safety, quality, and fun for each camper. Campers are assigned to teams by age, with trained staff ready to support the unique needs of your child. For many activities, campers are divided by age, but there are also plenty of opportunities for younger and older campers to interact and have fun together.

Kids of all age groups love classic camp activities like hiking, campfires, and camp games. Favorite activities become new experiences each time a child returns to camp. A younger camper challenged by her first hike finds it becomes a fun stroll with camp friends as she grows stronger. A first time camper still learning the camp songs becomes a song leader at next year’s campfire.

Along with these shared favorites, campers enjoy activities just for their age group. What older campers find an enjoyable challenge—like the over night camp—can be just too difficult for younger campers. Not only do campers get activities that are just right for them, but younger campers also have something to look forward to when they return to camp the following year.

Our professional staff adapt to each camper’s abilities and aptitudes. If a younger camper needs help packing for the hike, we’re there with a smile. Older campers are expected to manage tasks like that on their own, though of course we confirm they have everything they need before we start hiking. As campers grow up, we support and encourage their independence and initiative. With time, they take on more responsibility for their own camp experience, making it all the more rewarding and memorable.

Grades 1-2: Attentive Support for Success at Camp

Perhaps it's a child’s first time at camp, or they don't know anyone in their team. These campers need to feel secure, to know that their team leader will be there to take care of them. Perhaps this is a child’s first extended time away from his parents—will he be okay on his own? English Adventure staff for this age group are trained and eager to help young campers overcome these challenges and thrive.

Key themes:

  • Feeling secure
  • Making friends
  • Enjoying independence in a supportive environment
  • Having fun with traditional camp games and activities

Example activities:

  • Crafts
  • Camp songs
  • Nature games and imaginative wilderness play
  • Hiking

Grades 3-6: Bigger Challenges Lead to Increased Confidence—and More Fun

Campers in this age group are ready to take on bigger, bolder challenges. English Adventure offers safe, supervised activities that give them the thrill of discovery and increased self-confidence. These campers also take on more challenging tasks, for example, learning to use tools to navigate in the wilderness. Of course, many children in this age group are first-time campers as well, and we provide individual attention to ensure they quickly make friends and adapt to camp life.

Key themes:

  • Having adventures
  • Testing limits and building confidence
  • Making decisions within camp life
  • Experiencing a sense of community

Example activities:

  • Compass orienteering
  • Bouldering and Kayaking
  • Lake play

Grades 7-9: Adventures that Foster Leadership and Communication

Older campers are looking for intense, fully immersive challenges that test their limits—and we’ve got them! They also want to take more responsibility for designing their camp experience. For this group, English Adventure crafts activities that place greater emphasis on group decision-making. Campers have the opportunity to take on leadership roles, expressing their ideas while developing empathy and respect for their teammates.

Key themes:

  • Enjoying even more challenging and exciting activities
  • Building skills to enjoy the outdoors
  • Developing both leadership and teamwork
  • Becoming a skillful communicator, able to express opinions and ideas

Example activities:

  • Overnight Camping
  • Sleeping in tents
  • Leadership training

English Adventure's sister organization, NPO Mirai no Mori, creates life-changing outdoor experiences for abused, neglected, and orphaned Japanese children. Learn more about how you can help.