Summer Camp: Challenge

English is Fun!

Your child will have a blast at this real North American summer camp. Nestled in the spectacular mountains of Tsunan, Niigata-ken, we fill our days with crafts, games, cookouts, outdoor skill workshops, campfires and lots of traditional North American summer camp fun. Give your child a summer adventure they'll never forget!

The Challenge Program is designed for campers with limited English experience. Challenge campers sometimes come in with a few years of English learning under their belts, and sometimes with none at all. All staff are bilingual and offer plenty of Japanese support while gauging the right English level to use with each individual camper. Beginners welcome!

Best for:

  • Kids with NO English experience
  • Kids who are learning English, but still need some support in Japanese(Beginner-Intermediate)
  • Some returnee kids who have forgotten so much English that daily conversation is difficult

Fun, real-life practice for English learners

At English Adventure, we use every activity to make English real (and really fun!) for English learners. Each day is full of interaction with friendly and supportive English-speaking staff. The results: improved listening and speaking, increased confidence, and greater motivation to learn English when campers return home.

At English Adventure camps, English is not a "class." It's how we live! We use physical, fun-packed outdoor activities and games (no textbooks) to teach and reinforce new words and interactions.

The primary goal of the Challenge Program isn’t to teach lots of new words and phrases to campers. Instead, campers will have a great time experiencing English naturally at camp, and return home associating English with fun. We frequently hear from parents that their children’s interest in studying English went through the roof after camp.

For Challenge campers who are currently studying English at eikaiwa or their schools, camp is a great place to use English words or phrases they already know. Campers often feel more comfortable practicing English outside of a classroom environment, and camp gives them an opportunity to find practical uses for classroom English. After camp, campers will go back to their English lessons with fresh motivation and appreciation for the language!

Challenge campers have a short English lesson every morning at camp. These lessons serve two purposes: switching on the English part of campers brains, and teaching them some new English that they might hear in the specific activities they’re doing on that day. For instance, on a day in which campers are hiking, they might learn words like “Water Bottle” and “Hiking Trail,” and phrases like “Are you thirsty?”


This will be our third summer at our new private campsite, located in the beautiful mountains of Niigata Prefecture, near the small town of Tsunan Machi.

Our little corner of the Japanese Alps is a perfect example of the variability of the seasons. In the winter, Tsunan is known for being one of the snowiest places in Japan, but in the summer the weather is simply stunning. Blissfully warm but not as hot as Kanto or Kansai, summers in Tsunan are magical. Our campsite is blessed with forests, clear skies, and a warm, swimmable lake. And at night, away from the light pollution of the big city, the night stars are uncountable and clear.
For more information about the campsite, please visit this page.

Camp Activities*

From Swimming to Bouldering, Kayaking to Crafts, Activity Leaders are in charge of camp activities! Selected due their specific expertise, Activity Leaders make each camp activity unique and special!

English Lessons
Water play
Kayaking(Middle and Senior campers)
Field games
Tent camping and overnight hike (Senior campers)
Bug catching
Slack line & low-rope courses
Camp fire&marshmallow roasting
Dance party
Tye Dye(Optional)

*Activities subject to change due to weather and other factors.

Age-Specific Programming

Our age-specific program design helps us meet the needs of your child's age group, so they can get the best possible experience out of camp. That perfect mix of challenge and fun is why families send their children to English Adventure year after year.

Campers go to activities in groups based on their program and age. For example, Challenge Junior Campers (first and second graders) go to activities separately from Middle Campers (third through sixth graders) and Immersion campers. Most activities are split up even further, into smaller groups of roughly sixteen campers. This allows us to maximize one-on-one staff time for each camper. This also allows us to tailor each activity to the needs of a camper’s age group. For example, Junior Campers go on a relatively easy hike close to the lodge. They eat lunch in the forest at a natural resting spot where we’ve set up slacklines for them to play on. Senior Campers (Junior High Schoolers) go on a more rigorous hike that takes them over the mountain and ends with an overnight stay overlooking beautiful valleys on both sides.

Reconnect with camp friends – or make new ones!

Whether your child is reuniting with camp friends, or joining English Adventure for the first time, we’ve got our best camp season yet in store. Be a part of it - register today!

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