Safety and Health Care

Illness and Emergencies

If a camper becomes seriously ill or is injured, English Adventure will immediately contact the camper’s parent and/or guardian. If we believe the situation warrants, we will immediately arrange for emergency transport to the nearest hospital or other medical facility.
All English Adventure staffs are trained for First-Aid and CPR, and our camp directors have advanced First Aid certificates. (Please visit Wilderness Medical Associate website for more details about Wilderness Advanced First Aid.)

Camper Insurance

Panorama GK, the organizer of English Adventure camps, contracts with Ryoko Jigyosha Kyosaikai and purchases a domestic travel mutual-aid insurance for every camper residing in or out of Japan. This insurance policy covers campers from check-in until check-out and includes special compensation for hospital visits and stays, as well as special indemnities as promised in Panorama's terms and conditions.

- Indemnity for death: 15 million yen
- Indemnity for residual disability: Max. 15 million yen
- Solatium for hospitalization: Max. 200,000 yen
- Solatium for hospital visits: Max. 50,000 yen
- Special compensation for hospitalization: 4,000 yen/day
- Special compensation for hospital visits: 2,500 yen/day
- Special compensation for operation: Max. 160,000 yen
- Indemnity for damage to personal belongings: Max. 147,000 yen
- Personal liability compensation: Max. 20 million yen

Also Panorama buys recreation liability insurance, lodging liability insurance and ski resort liability insurance for maximum customer protection.

Disaster Response

Should an earthquake or other natural disaster occur during camp, English Adventure places the safety of your children as our first priority. Our staff are trained to immediately confirm the whereabouts of all children, and to follow English Adventure policies to ensure their safety. Should a mild earthquake occur, we will confirm the well being of all children, reassure them of their safety, and continue camp activities as usual. In the case of a severe earthquake or other large-scale event, we will put our disaster response procedures into effect, and will coordinate our response with local authorities. We will provide information by e-mail when necessary.

Allergy Management

If your child has any food allergies, please add them to their camper information. Please read the consent form regarding allergies. Please give us accurate and complete information about your child’s needs, and we will do our best to accommodate them.We provide your child’s allergy information to the facility’s cafeteria. Our kitchen staff will check the food menu and note any ingredients that might cause allergic reactions in our campers. In the serving line, each dish is accompanied by a placard indicating common allergen information.

We also provide the same information to team leaders, who will help remind your child. All children with food allergies will have the relevant information written on their nametag.

For those campers with allergies to ingredients which are very common or difficult to avoid (such as eggs and wheat) we can also provide them with an individual menu. When you add your child’s allergy information, please make sure to let us know how severe a reaction your child experiences.

If your child has been prescribed an EpiPen, please bring two devices and speak with our Medication Manager at check-in. Campers will be asked to carry both EpiPens with them at all times at camp.
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If your child requires medication during camp, please let our staff know in advance using our online system.
If you want our medication staff to manage your child’s medications, we will hand them to your child based on the information you give us. If the camper manages the medications by themselves, our medication staff will remind your child to take medications. Please see the following page for more details.

Mental Health Care

Each camper will have a chance to talk with team leader individually every night. Team leaders will ask campers about their health condition, any problems he/she may be having, and will chat about anything a camper wants to talk about.

Please tell your child to let their leader know about any problems.We are more than happy to help! We want everyone to have a great time during camp.

Special Dispersal Request

If your camper is checking in or out alone or with somebody other than their parent or guardian, please let us know by using the Special Check-in/out Form. Please see your check-in mail for more details.

English Adventure's sister organization, NPO Mirai no Mori, creates life-changing outdoor experiences for abused, neglected, and orphaned Japanese children. Learn more about how you can help.