Our Clients

English Adventure offers full-service planning and event management to groups and institutions looking for fun, educational, and cost-effective outdoor and nature-education programs.

Clients include:

Sample programs:

Japan Overseas Educational Services (JOES):
Custom Science Program

English Adventure tailored a custom life science curriculum for JOES, one of the the oldest and best organizations providing language retention support to returnee Japanese children. Over a three year span, English Adventure developed all curriculum, trained science instructors, and helped expand the Science Program from one JOES campus to three locations each weekend. Thanks to English Adventure, JOES now has a unique Science Program that is prestige-enhancing, popular, and profitable.

Client benefits:

  • Measurable satisfaction. According to survey results and re-enrollment rates, English Adventure consistently delivered a high level of satisfaction to both parents and students.
  • Mission support. A fascinating and relevant curriculum motivates students - and that helps JOES accomplish its mission of supporting the precious English skills of returnees.
  • Competitive advantage. JOES now offers an attractive program found at no other returnee-oriented school. In an increasingly competitive market, that's a significant edge.
  • Improved bottom line. Most Science Program students also take a regular language arts class, meaning double the revenue for JOES.

Kanagawa Prefectural Sagamiono High School:
English in the Outdoors

Are you in charge of planning an overnight English camp for your school? Unsure how to break out of typical "eikaiwa" activities? Too overworked and need help? Worried about finding enough quality instructors?

For Sagamiono High School, English Adventure has created a four-camp curriculum cycle that gives students hands-on experience with a variety of fun and fascinating outdoor skills. Students learn outdoor and survival skills such as fire-starting with no matches, navigation, shelter-building and more. Every activity provokes natural English communication as students solve problems, make observations, and generally have so much fun that they just have to talk about it! Even non-outdoorsy students love our programs and come back for more.

"Thanks for providing the students with a wonderful chance in the English camp. This was our best camp ever. They really enjoyed speaking English and working outdoors. I'm sure that we will have many repeaters and new participants in winter."
—Hiroyuki Hayashida, Sagamihara High School

Client benefits:

  • Hassle-free planning and execution. Creating smooth and successful camps is what we do, so clients can focus on what they do best. We also have the highest-quality staff ready to go, so no more searching for suitable instructors.
  • Exceptional cost-performance. Leverage our ready-to-go curriculum and our years of experience to get the highest quality camp at the lowest possible cost.
  • Safety. With thousands of satisfied participants, English Adventure has never had a safety-related incident. Our experience, training, and risk management skills speak for themselves.
  • Exciting and effective curriculum. While outdoor skill training may seem like a strange way to teach English, it works because it's real. Our unique and unorthodox approach provokes students to speak more English and display much higher motivation than during a same-old "eikaiwa" camp.

K International School Tokyo:
Fun excursions that spark classroom learning

English Adventure director Dave Paddock is likely one of the most knowledgeable English-speaking guides to Mt. Takao, so when we got a request for a Mt. Takao walk from the kindergarten teachers of K International School Tokyo (KIST), we were ready to help. If you've ever hiked Mt. Takao, you may have seen hordes of schoolchildren marching up and down the mountain, barely pausing to take in their surroundings. To us, that's a sadly lost opportunity. We were thrilled that the teachers of KIST wanted their students to truly observe, enjoy, and reflect on what they encountered during the walk, and we created a custom course that would let them do that. The walk was a smashing success, and was the start of an ongoing relationship with KIST.

I thought I should let you know that last week when we did a "The thing I will remember most about K3" reflection, about half of the students chose to write about climbing Mt. Takao! They have continued to talk about it, and it was definitely our best field trip of the year.
—Jody Hancock, K International School Tokyo

Client benefits:

  • Local knowledge, logistical know-how. For international school teachers who may have lots of enthusiasm but maybe not the lingo or background, we're here to help. We know the best places to go, and when, and how—including some "secrets" that you won't find online or in any guidebook! We're completely bilingual and know how to get things done in Japan.
  • Classroom support. We love working with motivated clients, and are happy to collaborate on before the event to help students make the most of the program. We can share background information and advice on curriculum integration, and can even make a classroom visit to get students fired up and to answer their questions.
  • Safety and suitability. Our training in outdoor risk management, our thorough preparation, and our experience ensure a program that is satisfyingly challenging but also safe and suitable for the students, every time.

English Adventure's sister organization, NPO Mirai no Mori, creates life-changing outdoor experiences for abused, neglected, and orphaned Japanese children. Learn more about how you can help.